Rose Mary Mali

Project Manager

Dreamer / Tea Lover / Ecologist

She often describes herself as an ambivert, thanks to her undeniable ability to strike a balance between socializing and finding time to enjoy her own company with a cup of freshly made tea.
Project Management is one of the many professions that Rose has been into in her not so long yet successful career. She has also been a Finance Lead, a Banker, a Recruiter, and a Transcriber.
Crediting the various places across the country she's lived in, she now fluently speaks multiple languages and understands many more.
She was born in Arunachal, but Assam is where home is! After over a decade of living Bangalore, she now calls herself a true Bangalore girl and loves to travel, read, listen to music and explore history. Her new found love for Psychology intrigues her to meet new people and strike an interesting conversation almost immediately.