Siddhartha Sengupta

UX Designer

Enthu-cutlet, Ambitious, Inquisitive

This being is known by many names in the studio: Sid, Seed, Siddy, Siddeshwar, Siddacharan, Peyi ... (take your pick). He belongs to the species of UX design but you would find him roaming all over the studio. By nature, Sid is very friendly, loud and loves to be-friend members of other species. He loves engaging in conversations, collaboration & exploring food of different kind. Sid gets starry eyed whenever he sees great visual design or art direction. If you sneak up on him, you will find him going through either Art station or streaming games on Twitch.
He is still growing to become a dependable member of his species. Reach out to him if you require any help, however he bites sometimes.