Snehal Lubal

UX Designer

Aesthete / Nature Lover / Foodie

Snehal believes "Why to stop at one degree when you can get two?" so became an Engineer and then a Designer. And now she brings the best of both worlds. In addition to the quality of the product, she believes that it needs to be an experience that you'll remember at a cocktail party years from now. As a designer, nothing empowers her more than knowing that she has the ability to create a positive impact on the common man's everyday life. Her middle name's Curiosity because she lives to find answers to her questions. It keeps her on her toes while she inches towards her conclusions.
She recharges her batteries by taking a trip to nature or walk-in open spaces. Her way of getting high when she's low is by getting herself engrossed in artistic activities. She doesn't believe in limiting herself, whether it's trying out different food or hoarding art supplies. And as she ends this bio, she's wondering if this was a result of overthinking.