Design studio

Gratitude for 2016 & Welcome 2017


On behalf of the entire team of Lollypop I would like to thank every individual; from our clients to our mentors to our well-wishers and of-course the design community for turning our 2016 dreams and goals into reality and in-fact much beyond our expectations. 

Our mentors have been the support system and we would have never been able to envision and structure things so smoothly without them. It's their belief and words of encouragement that makes us believe in ourselves much more. 

Our clients and friends have been absolutely brilliant as always. The trust and belief that hey put in us is out of this world and from bottom of our hearts we would like to thankyou for all the good words, for visits, for businesses and for referrals. It is only because of you that we are so strong and doing better every year. Your feedbacks are absolutely critical to us and also the reason that we are able to improve.

Design community and aspiring designers have always been our inspiration; we can not thank them enough for so much love and support. It was wonderful to have us flooded with applications and notes of appreciations from designers and design community. You guys have made our social presence such worthwhile and successfully put smile on the team's face innumerable times.

Lastly, I would appreciate my team for being the way they are. Absolutely crazy design professionals who always end up making me proud.


We would love to hear from you and we appreciate the good and the bad.