Namma Traffic Bengaluru


Pick any random person in Bangalore and ask them what is that one thing  that you would like to change in Bangalore and the answer will always be "TRAFFIC". Yes, we unanimously agree to this one and though we cannot do much about the situation, we can definitely laugh at it and see the lighter side of this serious issue.

Here is a take of our designers of how one can enjoy or get past by these road jams.

Time is the Key

We all have learnt that time is the key. Importance of those 5 minutes is well known by all of us. If you do step out a little early roads in Bangalore can be heavenly.

Innovate your Travel & Enjoy Traffic

Well, given that we spend hours in traffic, we can definitely look into options of mini mobile homes. We, can definitely save lot of time :)

Witch Brooms can be handy!

I wish broom was a handy option, would keep the air traffic low and beat the traffic in a jiffy.

Carpool Together

On a serious note, we are glad that now there are options of carpooling and even bike pooling to help beat the traffic and cost. We can use this option even on a personal level, not necessarily only commercial apps.


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