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Explorers Of The Extraordinary


Restraint. Limitation. Reality.

Words which many of us have been hearing for a long time now. 

Doesn't sound like a lot of fun? Certainly not to us!

"Mystery creates wonder. Wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand"


Well, until 02:55 AM on July 19th, 1969, none believed that a human could walk on the moon. A few hundred years back, nobody believed that there were more galaxies beyond our Milky Way. Before that, people denied that the Earth was a planet, revolving around the sun. It took few curious minds to change it all and enter a realm of pure discovery.

We are not going to say we craft meaningful experiences, as we prefer crafting the ones you're probably not expecting. The ones that can change your perception on a whole new level and open up different portals in the stirs of your imagination too! 

And the best part is, it's not going to be done "out of the box", like you'd maybe, expect. We are going to do it like there was no box.

We think it's important to know our grounds but definitely not be afraid to send our imaginations in flight. Because, the moment we start seeing the boundary of possibilities, is when we start being mundane.  And being mundane sucks!

Sometimes, it's just important not to set a goal. This channels our minds into a process of pure creation.

It's more important to have a direction than a destination. One could argue saying we cannot have ideas and concepts float in the air and we might lose track of the ground. But, what if the crazy ideas we come up with are possible to implement into solutions with some curiosity and exploration?

We like to think like a four year old kid - A heuristic mind driven solely by curiosity, having no clue as to what happens if he jumps off a flight of stairs.

We might fall and hurt ourselves; we will get up and may be repeat the same thing again. Until we arrive at the best. We don’t hesitate to pursue the path with curiosity. It's that essence that has driven, that drives and will continue to drive us to discover ideas beyond the mundane. What we’ve achieved so far is a paragon of this very exploration.

We don’t generally question "Why?"

We prefer "Why not?"

Our intuition is our driver.

Our attitude is our playground.

Our imagination is our boundary.

We are Lollypop.


We would love to hear from you and we appreciate the good and the bad.