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My Sweet Memories


I am not a writer and I mean it literally! But I want to pen down my Lollypop experience so that little of me remain with this organization in form of a blog forever. It is my very first article so please bear with me.

I remember the day I stepped in the office for interview and oddly 13 to 16 people were working. Anil (founder) greeted me and invited me to his cabin for interview. We discussed HTML/CSS and I was given a developer test. After seven freaking hours of hard work and coding, I finally finished my assignment and headed home like a dead duck! Next morning was bright and energetic with offer letter waiting for me, I had a Job! With happiness even fear crawled in as I started thinking about the team, the environment, the culture and a realization that in excitement of first job, I did not really do much research.

To my amazement I found myself really comfortable and within a week I felt like a part of the team. Being a fresher there was so much to learn and explore; the encouragement and guidance from Lollypop is unmatchable. I have done many projects and learnt with each one of them; the base being the self – learning environment, freedom to try new things, tons of appreciation, parties for every successful project and ever encouraging words of Anil.

I have pushed various projects live with some amazing brands and work in my portfolio. My first project was Sunknowledge and I was the only in-house developer. Clients wanted the work real quick so it was my first deadline which obviously dreaded me. But, it’s startling how my skills and confidence was boosted by fellow colleagues and everything just sailed smoothly. There was no dev. team when I joined but because of my contribution and efforts, management agreed on having an in-house dedicated coding team. And today we are six of us. Manju was the second one to join me and he filled my desk with fun and laughter with his kiddish and crazy ways. I suppose he is happy with me going as there will be no one to scold and fight with him, wink wink! Slowly, Priya, Sibi and Chandra came in and blended well. We developed so many projects laughing and enjoying. There were many late nights but it never felt like more work and it was always zero stress with so much fun and learning. We always asked Rajesh to get us evening snacks and savored it for half an hour! YUM!

Every moment was memorable, right from afternoon lunch full of various dishes to rib tickling chats. It is good to be part of a team that is full of foodies, I had the best lunches here and Kruti would sometime cook the lip smacking bringle curry and chicken kebabs just for me so that I don’t miss Andhra much! One extremely memorable moment here is that of Jade garden; a night over party with which ended with innumerable memories and unstoppable dance stints. I suppose this is closest to me because it happened within 20 days of my joining and was the one which just made me connect with everyone here.

Yes, I have made few friends for life. And this article would be incomplete without them. I will start with Anil, a man with a heart of gold and skills of a killer designer; one person who is absolutely down to earth and is readily available to guide and be with you as a friend. I never ever felt that he was a boss but just Anil, also, because we just call each other from name. Lollypop believes in love and friendship, there is no air of superiority here. Second is Sathish, my guide cum mentor cum friend who helped me with my doubts. When my mentor was not around, I used to bug Saumya, senior UI designer to check my work and if it was in lines with their designs. One person’s life that I kind of messed up was Pravarti, our project manager, she was always tracking and making timelines and we always asking for some more. My partner in photography, Pooja, we shared the selfie obsession and never ending girly chat!

Wow, so many memories! But, we have to move on and I am relocating to Hyderabad after my marriage. Sadly, there is absolutely no possibility of being in Bangalore else I would have never left Lollypop. Though I am really happy to have found my soul mate, I find it hard to leave this place. But, am really proud of my company, it is doing great and expanding and growing. From a team of 15 members now we are 35 and are hiring more. We have opened a branch in Delhi and I hope there will be one soon in Hyderabad too! Else, if I come back to Bangalore, I know I will already have a job because Lollypop is my company and I will always have a place here.


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