7 Useful Logo Design Trends

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Logo’s are a paradox, a puzzle and odd at the very least - they do not influence buyers; however, they are a key factor in identifying a company or product. Depending on the brand, logos can evoke all sorts of feelings; from nostalgia to trust, and even sometimes relief. Companies have often faced backlash and has seen a significant drop in their sales when they have tried introducing new logos, which goes on to prove their supreme importance.

When it comes to classic logos of well known brands, lot of times, branding gurus say that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, given the importance of a logo, at times it can becomes an absolute necessity to revamp or completely change existing logos- especially if they are grossly outdated and hurting the brand image. In efforts to keep up with changing trends and taste, some fonts, shapes or color combinations can make a company look behind the times. Replacing outdated logos gives an impression that the company is a forward thinking company and is aware of the current trends and needs.

Complex Logos, multiple colors may look good on digital, but at times they can become a huge challenge while scaling up or down. Such technical difficulties might seem insignificant, but they are valid reasons for redesigning.

Change in values, vision, or merging, acquisition and expansion can also prompt organizations to change their logos. With a new focus, a wider target group and a larger product portfolio, companies often redesign their logo that truly represents them.

Example of merging : At times when two merging brands are on equal footing, the logo may utilize elements from both: ExxonMobil uses the overlapped double ‘x’ from Exxon and the font from Mobile.

A lot of psychological and cultural research goes behind designing a logo as they are the visual image associated with a brand.  Designs are extremely volatile and loses relevance at very high rate, however, here are 7 most popular logo designing trends of 2017 which you need to read about right away.

1. Broken Letters

Broken Letter logo trend has caught the fancy of many designers and it’s one of the most popular trend of 2017. Slicing, cropping, deconstruction, subtraction and unconventional geometric forms represents a more modern shift in design, allowing for creativity while also clearly showing what the brand is to the customers.

2. Moving Parts

By far, the biggest trend of logo designing of 2017 has to be movement and animation. As the world converging towards digitisation, the brand that sells it’s products on the web is the clear winner. Similar to that of cinemagraph, an animated or GIF logo surprises with an eye catching element into something that you would expect to be still. Now how could that not be catchy?


3. Geometric Shapes

Nothing is more visually satisfying and effortless than clean lines. We got to admit, geometric shapes, from circles to polygons, are trendy in almost all types of design. We are invariably more drawn to simple geometry, and not to mention our fellow designers totally like elements that can express creativity and work for a number of applications.

4. Bright and One tone colors

A generous pop of color is known to add the much required chutzpah and catch users attention instantly. Lately many brands have reinvented themselves by using more vivid singular colours for their logos, adding new hues to attract attention in brilliant ways.

5. Gradient

Gone are the days when designers used 3D logos, instead, they have welcomed cool, subtle gradients. The style plays on blending an array of shades or tones of one color starting with the darker tones and gradually fading out. It’s very intriguing to the eyes and presents endless creative possibilities.

6. Simplicity

Simple, clear and crisp logos are incredibly soothing, yet extremely powerful if designed correctly. The term ‘less is more’ cannot be more fitting for many famous logos which has set benchmarks in the industry. Complex and intricate items have been sidelined for sleek and simple, yet still creative works of art. The best part of it all? This trend works for all types of businesses and brands!

7. Hand drawn

In this world of all things digital, a handwritten letter brings back waves of nostalgia and memories. That same cozy and personal feeling is slowly being transmitted to brands by creating a logo that looks hand drawn. Such logos bring forth variety of senses including: quirky playfulness, human, grounded and casual – something that typed letters are restricted by. However, while designing handwritten logos, make sure they are legible and you are not bitten by the ‘family doctor handwriting syndrome’.

While designing logos, it’s always a good practice to stay intuned with the latest trends; however ensure that your design is uniquely yours. You never want to hear “that logo reminds me of…”

A lot is demanded out of logos, and rightfully so. While designing a logo think about trends and combine them with more timeless elements to develop a logo that will have a modern look and feel, but will be usable for a long time.


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