We’re Superheroes / Honest Devils / Bikers / Night Owlers / Foodies / Perfectionists / Rebels

  • Manjunath Reddy

    Senior-UI Developer

    “Being from a Development background, Lollypop has provided me the opportunity to understand and explore design, by closely interacting with designers. We have the encouragement to go crazy with coding. Every day is a learning experience and new experiments never stop”

  • Ria Panjwani

    UI Designer

    “Lollypop is an open working environment with a lot of transparency and employee freedom. Lollypop is a team, and not a bunch of individuals. I appreciate how it facilitates employees happiness.”

Want to be a part of Lollypop Tribe?

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Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

We have a beautiful tribe that loves and respect each other. We learn and grow, we fight and play, we share and care.
Work Ownership

Work Ownership

It’s not what you say but what you do. We believe in hard work and we believe in freedom.


Honesty is one of the greatest virtues of Lollypop; we are honest to our work, our passion, our vision and our tribe.
Sense of Humour

Sense of Humour

We like to be soft on people and hard on problems. The random and stupid jokes keep flowing throughout the day!

The Lollypop Muse

Immerse yourself in the vibe of design and goodness of our tribe

  • Care for others, make them feel they belong here
  • Actively participate in communities and culture
  • Sketch a lot
  • Be bold and be original
  • Own and learn from mistakes
  • Bring joy and happiness to work
  • Be curious and ask for help
  • Play Foosball
  • Share and eat a lot

Opportunities with us

If you are unable to find a suitable opening please do not worry. We are always up to discover new talents, kindly mail us your resume and portfolio link to careers@lollypop.design

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our culture image
our culture image
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