Reimagining Fintech with Design

We disrupt the traditional financial services be it apps for banks, stock trading, digital wallets, credit scoring or lending institutions.

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Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts that we found during our research

46 B

Value of Fintech investments worldwide


Population is open to adopting fintech products


Users will use app to make a payment in India by 2022

Clients who took the design first approach with us.

Our expertise

We have designed various products across many verticals of Fintech; some of our expertise lay in designing.

  • Digital Wallets
  • Stock Trading
  • Investments
  • Credit Scoring
  • Banking Products
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Reserve Bank Information Technology Pvt Ltd
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“No matter who we work with at Lollypop, the quality has always been great.”

Shrini Viswanath - Cofounder - Upstox
Upstox Mobile App
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Fintech Industry

“ We have built a strong equation with Lollypop and continuously work with them for all our requirements. ”

rajiv raj - co foundercredit vidya
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By Kimberly Cabral on Aug 27

Designing for Fintech

Fintech, a relatively new term, stands for Financial Technologies, and it’s exactly what it spells out...

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