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Batchly is a global cloud management platform used by AWS customers to run their business-critical web services, batch and big data applications. The business helps AWS users to reduce their cost significantly in a frictionless manner. The team approached Lollypop with two major goals; first being the strong web presence that could communicate its USP in fraction of seconds and second being the proper organization and flow for its web-apps.



We began with designing the marketing website and were on extremely tight schedule as clients wanted to showcase themselves in the AWS reinvent conference. We began with intensive and in-depth session to collate the needs of stakeholders and understanding the businesses. We focused on taking the load off the users by intelligently and strategically grouping the related functions and information. Moreover, we worked very closely on dashboard ensuring that all the necessary information was provided in the first fold itself. Another major breakthrough was organizing and enriching the data tables; we added multiple functionalities enabling users to carry out various functions right on table.



We had to work around the logo and brand-guidelines provided by Batchly, hence, we tweaked a logo little to make it more prominent and in line with the overall design. Our aim was to communicate its USP and outstanding features in the 1st fold itself with minimum use of words; we custom made lot of icons and illustrations for the same. Most of illustrations are isometric in nature to reciprocate the website tone and vision. Another area where we highly concentrated was dashboard design as it was challenging but equally fun. The data and numbers had to be presented in a bird’s eye view to users giving a complete information on their savings and expenses. We used brand colors for communicating important information and reinforcing the brand value. We used different shades of brand colours to make website extremely vibrant.

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