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Difrent group is formed by a tribe of passionate and highly qualified industry experts who discovered the opportunities in highly competitive markets by seeing thing differently. They strive for digital perfection through the deployment of top quality industry professionals and implementation of digital solutions and services. Currently, they have expertise in three domains - deployment, digital delivery and training of top-notch professionals. 



We were required to revamp and redesign the main website for the BeDifrent group. The requirements were simple and clear; the positioning and branding of the brand had to be carried forward for reinforcing the value, and, had to design a clean and minimalistic website that highlighted the USP of the group along while giving utmost attention to the services they offered.  



Be Difrent runs on the principles of disruption, passion and innovation, hence, these also formed the basis of our design. The colors and patterns have been derived from the logo to reinforce the brand and bring about the coherence in all the branding initiatives across the varied acumen. Our designs are simple and structured that focuses user’s attention on the advantages and the services; this has been done by using ample white spaces, keeping the content at the center of the design and neatly wrapping each section under one another. The lazy scroll has been used with minimal animations to keep the user engaged during their visit.


We would use them again in a heartbeat.

Rachel Murphy Managing Director, Difrent Group
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