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The Challenge for us

The main challenge was to gain an understanding of the lending process to simplify it over a digital platform. Second, was the ability to capture sensitive user financial information by driving the trust factor while keeping data visualisation at the centre of the design.



Closer is a non-profit microlender and certified CDFI that equips the least fortunate with the skills and capital to develop successful businesses, generate income and build assets.

We worked with clients on two products; one was to design a web app that aimed to simplify the microlending process for the applicants and second was to design an enterprise-facing dashboard for management to track the loans and repayments.



When we spoke to the stakeholders, it was extremely important to simplify the lending process for the applicants and we were required to digitalize the whole process that was carried out on papers.

We first broke down all the steps that an applicant had to undergo and grouped them under four main steps. The lengthy forms and legal documents were then digitized in a simple format by highlighting the important pointers and finally every stage was marked with a clear status message to applicant for making the whole process intuitive.

Another major factor was capturing of the vital information of the applicants such as credit card numbers and other details for verification, hence, the complete storytelling was simplified, applicants were updated at each step for increased transparency, digital signatures were introduced to quicken the process and the panel for capturing data was highlighted to make it easier for the applicants.

The  financial dashboard for the enterprise was made extremely simple and key performance indicators were provided at-a-glance to summarize a wide variety of results on a single page.



Since our target groups were small token entrepreneurs who were not high on tech and the tool dealt with financial information, our designs had to be simple and at the same time extremely intuitive and trustworthy.

The designs for loan applications were presented in a timeline format that gave a clear picture to the applicant even before initiating the application process. Since there were many legal documents and the tool was text heavy, ample white space was given and we substituted text with custom icons to break the data complexity. Various UI elements were incorporated to create a distinction between different financial variables.

The Dashboard designs though heavy in numbers provide easy to grasp trends and charts of the total lent amount along with the reminders on the crucial dates. The complete picture has been painted with help of visually appealing charts and notifications.  


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