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Cracking Cam is a platform for pub goers and socialisers who want to get an idea of how good a party or pub is before they actually get into one and also be a part of the entire network by rating places themselves. It is the first of its kind and definitely fills the need for most of the outgoing kind. 



The sole purpose of the app was to appeal and engage pub goers and socialisers. The idea was to make the platform participative by urging them to post photos/ videos of their social life and also by providing ratings of parties and/ or restaurants. The app had to be a self-exploratory one that lures one to plug on to it before heading out. It was the beginning of a community of people who felt the need to set standards for pubs and restaurants.



The design had to be peppy, energetic and fresh to reach out to the social and party people. We used lot of bright contrasting colors and combinations, yet maintaining the dominance of brand color. The icons and UI elements used for rating also required a dash of playfulness and an element of uniqueness. All these little things came together to make one amazing app that carved out a new channel to review, socialize and become a part of a bigger community.

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