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Cyware aims at enhancing Cyber Situational Awareness and Real-Time Sharing of intelligence and incident data to enable proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats. It has been designed as B2C and B2B solution targeting the entire community; they envision to make every individual aware of the cyber threats and how to deal with the same. Currently, they are operational in India and States.



We were involved from the very conceptualization bit of the project idea and were part of it all the way.  Though, the project had no direct competitor, all the media portals posed as the indirect competition. We had to dig up the strategy to ensure that it was one of its kind and was the one shop stop for anything and everything related to Cyber Security. It had to be more than just a news portal, it had to be a solution provider that solves each issue related to cyber security by suggesting answers to the related problems.

Post defining the personas and users journey, we categorized the various features/functions of the app into a hierarchical structure. This helped us define the workflow and gauge how content was distributed across various sections of the app. Herein, we also figured out that it was not just enough to supplement the news bit had to make it intuitive and intelligent using algorithms to enhance personalised feeds and also enable users with some gamification for increased engagement; hence, we designed the Knowledge section, where users could take a quiz on the subject matter and enterprise could use it as a feature to gauge the knowledge of the people in company.



Designing was a crucial stage as we had to ensure that Cyware embodied the high end feeling and could cut the clutter with absolutely zero ads or distracting images or even extreme branding.  It was extremely important to direct the focus of the users on to the content and keep the layout minimal. And, to make the app really beneficial and useful, we avoided the lengthy articles and supplemented them with the summary in the first short; if users want an in-depth knowledge they have an option to read the complete article in length, this helped in saving the users time and keep their attention on the subject.

While giving the personality to the brand we wanted to drive on the principles of trust and solution and hence chose ‘Blue’ as the primary brand colour. Logo has been kept simple as we wanted to communicate that we are here to make life simpler. The layout of the app is extremely clean and screens have just one information at a time. The splash screens help guides users to understand the app in fraction of seconds.

Lollypop had a high bar to jump and they did a pretty good job.

Akshat Jain Co-founder, Cyware
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