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This project filled us with the enthusiasm and provided us with the opportunity to design for the cause. The project focused on the concept of inclusive society fostering the open collaborative community to ease employment of differently able people. On one hand it focused on empowering the disadvantaged with skill development and training courses. And on other hand it was to be a platform for employers and various other stakeholders.



We knew this was a very different project and demanded far more knowledge, interaction and unconventional route to designing. We moved out of our space and spent ample time with all groups of differently abled, observing and interacting with them to gain insights on their behavioral patterns & challenges faced by them and finally mapped the road ahead. The project had to be increasingly usable and attractive, boosting the sub-conscious of users while inviting corporate houses to the portal as well. Much emphasis was placed on colors and ‘Call-to-Actions’ for real time solutions. The whole website to be usable by the primary users had to be developed adhering to W3C compliance guidelines.



To achieve and map the objectives we worked around the different touch points demanded by each group. E.g., for VI, information hierarchy played an important role to ensure screen readers provided systematic information; whereas, HI required more visual content.

The most challenging task was usability and hence many tests were done on each module with real users. The first one was post wireframes, second after implementing designs and finally during Front-end development. Our development team familiarized themselves with W3C compliance code and tested each module with real users using screen readers.  All the web pages were checked by each group to ensure the usability. We checked how screens would read out the content for the visually impaired group and the flow of information was structured accordingly.

Also while implying UI design elements, special attention was placed on colors, texts & call to action buttons. People with low vision required bright colors and hence red and blue were chosen as primary colors. Along with this we ensured that Typography was larger comparatively.

I would say Lollypop provided us the wings. First of all, they took the complete ownership and were with us while we were trying to develop this product. The value-add that they gave with their enthusiasm and the framework of design was absolutely amazing.

Shanti Raghavan Founder, Enable India
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