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The Challenge for us

Flashhouse is an online home selling platform that targets to deliver a seamless digital experience to the house sellers while eliminating all the bottlenecks. They are on a mission to simplify home selling and relieve the stress and uncertainty that comes with selling a home.

One of the biggest challenges for Flashhouse was to amplify the confidence of the users regarding the online house selling phenomenon. The second challenge for them was to craft a platform that collects right and adequate information from users at once, thereby eliminating the complicated process of verifying and reverifying the data.



We collaborated with Flashhouse to design a platform that could instil confidence in the home sellers. Team Flashhouse assisted us in understanding the domain, user groups, competition, business model and walked us through the critical data points. Being an application that engages as huge stake as your home, we minutely studied user's pain points, motivations and other triggers.

Also, we conducted an out-and-out competition research to gain visibility on what works and what doesn't work for the users. This helped us to arrive at some interesting conclusions, which helped us shape our project.



Our primary focus was to reduce the cognitive load of the sellers by delivering an intuitive and detailed form that collects all the data at once. This not only encouraged the users to render the details about their house but also eased the offline data collection significantly for Flashhouse. This helped the business streamline the process of gathering data from the users about their house thereby gaining a notable efficiency in the process.

Also, team Lollypop ensured a contemporary yet simplistic design for the website.



The visual design of the website oozes trust and reliability, that stays in lines with the brand Flashhouse. We created a color palette that mixes with the branding of Flashhouse.

Since Flashhouse is all about selling the house, we tried visualising this process through isometric illustrations and adding subtle animation that could excite the users.

The user interface of the website has been kept simple and highly intuitive to influence visitors’ actions and achieve business goals. The responsive website design ensures a consistent customer experience across all the device.

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