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Clients approached us with a concept of a curated app for an audience who indulges in a healthy recipe. In addition, the app was to be personalized and yet be dynamic to discover and experiment with different types of foods / cuisines at home. The brainstorming made it very clear that we required a very strong brand identity coupled with lot of ideation and exploration for personalization and distinct feature requirements. It had to be one stop destination for recipes.



We defined the approach with our market research that led us to the direction of enhanced experience in kitchen by increasing its usability. Post our user research, the scope was defined to accommodate dietary preferences, calories and specific features like alternative word / meaning for ingredients. Localization was at top priority, tailoring it to the context of Indian audience. The challenge we faced was to provide a unique identity. We worked on a logo embodying the essence of being a directory of healthy yet delicious recipe. We added on to the differentiator with a mascot acting as a personal assistant for users. The concept of searching for recipe based on available ingredients was added to delight users. Usability was further enhanced with added features of saving and adding recipes to favourites based on preferences.



The design had to be simple yet bold. We zeroed on to the color red which is known to boost your hunger. Along with the logo we worked on illustrations and icons so that users can reckon just by gazing at the screen. The design was made playful aided with lot of visuals and ensured a neat layout that was welcoming.

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