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The Challenge for us

The biggest challenge was to understand the different kinds of reports that exist and how to group them together along with making the app extremely simple to use. We had to ensure that every age group was comfortable using this app.



HealthFile is a vision of Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman and Founder of Narayana Health. It aims at digitizing health records of patients. Every visit to a doctor ends in filing up paperwork- prescriptions, health files, reports and other medical information. It is not only tedious and time-consuming, but medical records could get soiled over time. HealthFile stores multiple medical records and prescriptions over highly encrypted cloud servers.



Our research was carried out with two sets of the target audience; doctors and general mass respectively. End users were extremely frustrated with the endless pile of medical records and maintaining that was burdensome; most of them even expressed that it was not just about them but the records had to be maintained for the entire family. The most distressed lot came out to be the patients with diseases that require constant doctor visits. 

When we spoke to doctors and surgeons, they expressed that many medical errors that cost a life could be traced back to missing medical records; also, it is extremely hard to read through innumerable pages of scattered medical records in the given time that they have.

For proper classification of records, we consulted many doctors and finally, the six main parameters under which the records fall were defined; viz., general, discharge summary, ECG, prescriptions, lab investigations and radiology. Users could also arrange records according to the consulting doctor, medical issue, time, type of medical record, etc.

We have used a list layout in the app as it is easy to absorb the information quickly and understand the purpose of the app. To increase the product usability, a user was allowed to upload files in multiple formats be it pfd, an image or a file.



Since the app caters to patients, it is devoid of complications. The interface is extremely simple to use and the design is intuitive. The app has been designed such that patients can scan all their medical records.

We have used blue and orange as the main colours. Blue is synonymous with the medical field and generates the feeling of calmness whereas orange is synonymous with enthusiasm and happiness, which aims to symbolize the joy of easy record filing and maintenance.

With every step, we have ensured that users are updated about the status of their actions and positive and negative affordances are made visible. We have also made custom icons and illustrations to increase the familiarity and reinforcement with the user base.

Another important factor was customising the calendar in the app as our usability testing pointed out that the people with fat thumbs were finding it hard to operate. Finally, the usability testing was done all throughout the app.

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