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The Challenge for us

The major challenge was to understand the real pain points of doctors and nurses to mitigate any probable error that could cost a life. Being an app for patients in intensive care unit, we had to ensure that it served the purpose to perfection and at the same time was extremely simple as well.



Ikare is a product of Narayana Health that aims to ease the process of storing and accessing the vitals of patients admitted to the ICU.

Intensive Care Units (ICU’s) patients require constant monitoring as their vital signs fluctuate often and need to be recorded in short intervals; this work is usually done by nurses of the hospital. For every patient, long sheets of paper are used to record data such as body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure etc.

The paper-based recording system pose great risks of information being misplaced or damaged. It is also time consuming for nurses to manually write down parameters and notes.



Based on the inputs received, we began with our research with doctors and nurses. The insights mapped out that doctors felt extreme discomfort shuffling through multiple pages to find the required information on patients vitals especially during emergencies where every second count. Multiply this with numerous patients and numerous times in a day, the task was certainly not favourable. On the other hand, nurses expressed the difficulties of keeping a tap on every patient and every interval to record the vitals especially when ICU’s get crowded or unforeseen emergencies to come up. Other major concern that came up was that sometimes papers got misplaced or soiled because of accidents.

To solve this we had to ideate on a solution that was extremely simple, quick and easy to use. Hence, we ensured that nurses were provided with swipe and select options to avoid typing and making it easier for them. To make it usable for doctors, every record could be easily filtered or searched based on the doctor's requirement and reports could be generated within seconds. The app is a native iPad and Web app with the stand-alone application and needs no hardware, hence, the installation was easy.

This app was built along with Cognizant under the guidance of Samir Mitra (technology entrepreneur).



The design for Ikare was done keeping the nurses and doctors in mind. Hence, every interaction has been kept extremely simple and intuitive. Icons were customised to enhance the familiarity of the different vitals and easy understanding.

Attached to every patient’s bed is an iPad, loaded with the Ikare app, to help nurses quickly record patient’s vital parameters. 

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