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Kalaari Capital is an early-stage, technology-focused venture capital firm specializing in early stage, mid-stage, late venture, and seed/ start-up investments. It prefers to invest in companies that are less than three years old. Kalaari Capital, formerly known as IndoUS Venture Partners, was founded in 2006 and is based in Bangalore with additional offices in California and Mumbai.



Having an opportunity to design one of the biggest investment house in India thrilled our team. It was very important to know the vision of the team and the expectations from the site. During our meetings, it was very clear that the prime focus had to be given to the Portfolio Companies along with the events and updates to keep the community active. Needs were more around the strategic display of content in an appealing format.



We started by defining the brand elements and the primary color was taken from the logo; in line with its vision of adding warmth and vibrancy to its portfolio companies, orange was introduced as the secondary color with few other elements to emphasize the brand personality that is synonymous to growth and building leaders of tomorrow. The whole website has been crafted in cards layout style with lot of white spaces for greater content engagement. We have also focused on easy navigation by empowering users to visualize tons of related data on a single page. Subtle micro-interactions and animations balances the serious outlook of the website.

They have a very good eye for identifying what we’re trying to accomplish.

Bala Srinivasa Partner, Kalaari Capital
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