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The Challenge for us

Our biggest challenge was to understand the nuances of the medical field as the product we were working on is extremely scientific and uses the state of the art technology. Second, the end-users of the products were data scientists, medical researchers, and innovators, hence, gaining an understanding of their online behavior was extremely hard; we had to conduct many virtual interviews because of various limitations. Finally, since the clients used PyQt technology for development our designs had to fit in their framework.



Mission Bio, Inc., the pioneer in single-cell DNA analysis and precision genomics, was spun out of Adam Abate’s lab for high-throughput biology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in 2014.

Mission Bio helps researchers and clinicians unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine with Tapestri, the Precision Genomics Platform. Tapestri provides industry-first single-cell DNA analysis capability to enable the accelerated and accessible detection of genetic heterogeneity within and across cells populations for applications in oncology, immunology, and genome editing.

We were required to empower and cut down the offline process for Mission Bio Sales team on one hand and on the other hand, we had to empower their customers in understanding the Mission Bio products along with the predefined solutions; and to ease the process of placing new orders or requests for a new combination of the required single- cell DNA solutions.

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For Mission Bio, we were involved in designing a couple of new web applications (Customer portal and Designer) and we assisted with the re-design of an existing desktop application (Tapestri Insights). In both cases, our end goal was to design user-centric applications that were simple, intuitive, consistent, useful and usable.

Getting research insights from the different sets of users was the hardest but we conducted virtual interviews, took onsite visits and shared questionnaires later all the requirements were converted into actionable insights.

For the customer portal, we improved the team's productivity by introducing a single point of access to applications and easy documentation. For the Designer app, we created a simple intuitive interface that enabled users to create these custom assay designs in a matter of minutes. Finally, for Tapestri Insights, the data visualization was made extremely simple and easy to understand.

The entire journey helped mission bio take a huge part of their sales process online and made the exploration of the different sets of assay designs for genomic targets of interest possible. Our designs support both custom panels and pre-designed panels for medical scientists.



The visual language for all three products is very simple and follows close design guidelines of its branding. Since the web app users are data scientists and medical geniuses, the app has been designed with minimum distractions and is on the point; the idea is to have the users waste absolutely no time and get what they want.

The platform is extremely data and number heavy, hence, you will find a lot of white spaces and easy to understand tables and charts. The whole app has extremely simple iconography for increased relevance and a guided tour on the steps to be taken on the platform. For the tapestry insights application, the data visualization is made extremely simple; charts give a quick overview of the statistics that matter to the users within seconds.

They guided us through the design process and delivered an outstanding product.

Niranjan Vissa Software Architect, Mission Bio
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