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NetSpeed System provides scalable, coherent Network on chip (NoC) IPs to System on chip (SoC) designers for a wide range of market from mobile to high- performance computing and networking. It took a couple of meetings with the founders to understand the business and target users. 



The website of client was extremely high on words and was flooded with information on each page. The whole business is extremely technical and confusing to present users. We were required to break down the complexity of data and provide a clear path ensuring it was informative enough yet was not overwhelming. We started with understanding users and it was clear that end users represented niche segment aware of the business and were specifically looking for some information on the site. Our first task was categorization of data and structure along the lines of action orientation and data preference of users. Second, was to balance the data with visual elements and hence, lot of paragraphs were converted into self-explanatory illustrations. We were able to fine tune the entire website that worked on a subconscious level of users and directed them to the required information just with a glance.  



Different shades of Blue were an obvious choice for NetSpeed systems, keeping it true to its business of networking on chips. We have used card layouts to properly divide the sections and aid users in scanning information. White spaces provide the contrast and divert attention towards content. Much information is converted into visuals and custom made illustrations to balance the layout and also to help absorb huge chunk of information just with a glance. 

It was absolutely a great experience working with the Lollypop team. They are Passionate and care more about the end-product than you do.

Anush Mohandass Vice President, Marketing, NetSpeed Systems
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