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Odigo approached us with absolute clear vision; they wanted to streamline the manager's work of sharing documents, collaborating through feedback and measuring productivity & assessment with just a few clicks. They wanted an app that was as simple as messaging because the target audience was on field staff with extremely limited education and also save managers time from routine work.



The scope of project was huge as it demanded multiple functionalities with absolutely easy interface and flow. On one hand, managers had to be enabled to easily assess the team, share the documents with feedback feature and also easily scan trough the replies from respondents. And, on other hand, we had to enable the ground staff to ask their doubts and respond to the documents with ease. We began with practical solutions that would help ease the whole process and enabled features like Video, audio, multiple answer test and text sharing for managers with comment feature. The app also clubs the replies of all respondents for particular questions and provide scores on real-time. Admins are allowed to send a one way test and information to groups to avoid distracting notifications. Ground staffs have the feature to initiate chat with the admin to clarify a doubt.    



Odigo designs is a reflection of absolute simplicity. We have everything upfront with extremely clear call to actions. Branding and Identity also reflects the collaboration of two forces and emerge as one. We have used two subtle colors and represented it as a whole.

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