Simplifying cryptocurrency trading for the Indian market

A contemporary and interactive platform that provides zero fee trading solutions for Indian cryptocurrency traders.

PocketBits India Branding, UX & UI design for mobile app

The biggest challenge was to understand the working of the Cryptocurrency world in depth. While most Indians were aware of the concept of cryptocurrency, the uncertainty, doubts, speculations, and reservations were dominant instincts and hence, the user base was still hesitant about trading in it. While many cryptocurrency apps were existent, none were catering to the Indian common man. Our goal was to make that happen!


PocketBits is a cryptocurrency trading platform, that makes buying and selling easy. Lollypop was approached to build mobile and web app for them that embedded trust among the Indian citizens. Our aim was to help PocketBits’ technology with an interactive and immersive platform that provided investing solutions to the Indian customer base.


The initial study showed that many Indian apps that were existent at the time were built for traders and those who were professionally dealing with cryptocurrency. We joined hands with PocketBits to help enable, empower and educate the common man. Our research data helped us discover the most pressing pain points of the users, such as lack of clarity, fear of uncertainty and endless struggle in figuring out the facts.

The project started off with a lot of desk research, dealing with large amounts of information in the form of case studies and research papers. The next step included discussions at length about how the user would accept this fresh concept. This was mainly done using workshops and exercises to empathize with the user. Since this space was up-and-coming, there were no solid results to rely on. So the whole process was immensely iterative, with countless feedback loops.

Finally, we were able to design a structure that boasts of an uncomplicated 3-step onboarding process. Buying and selling virtual currency has never been quicker!


A new-age app demands a new-age visual language. Disrupting the Cryptocurrency domain had to be done with a bang. The logo design played an important role in doing this. We conceptualized the logo based on the ‘infinite possibilities’ that were at hand, hence we united the infinity symbol with the letters ‘P’ and ‘b’ (‘P’ and ‘b’ from PocketBits) to create the logomark. The typeface is also rounded to harmonize with the circular elements of the logomark.

A platform that displays a lot of text, especially numbers, needed to be easy on the eye, hence the softer colors such as aqua and magenta pastel were used across. To increase readability, we used the font ‘Titilium Web’ as it has good line spacing and can be read even with the smaller sizes.

We used unique and vibrant infographics to break the monotony of numbers; these illustrations not only ease understanding but also grab the user’s attention instantly. Our custom made icons and illustrations bring buttons to life, while micro interactions make the user journey lively and immersive.