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Quartic is an Industrial IoT platform, delivering technology enabled solutions and services for smart manufacturing and operational excellence by leveraging the latest emerging technologies. The foundational technologies of their platform are machine learning, rule-based algorithms, deep learning and complex event processing applied to industrial manufacturing data from assets and processes.



The team wanted their capabilities to be clearly communicated through the marketing website. So, we began with learning the industry and the USP of Quartic to better position ourselves in terms of designing. We began with structuring the website to highlight the offerings and value users could derive from the company. Since, the company is driven with AI and deep machine learning, it was absolutely important to highlight that it embodied a personal touch as well, hence, we used many micro-interactions.



While ideating the brand, we were geared to showcase that the brand was intelligent, active and would end up bringing the happiness to its users and hence, we settled for orange as a primary color. And, logo has been inspired from the vision and thought process of the Quartic; their approach is evolutionary and incremental, hence, we have showcased this in form of quartile that blends in the ecosystem but still gives an edge to its users. To highlight the services and capabilities of the client and increased user engagement, we have made use of various animations, interactions and micro-interactions

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