Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India








The Challenge for us

Designing a simplified portal that was equally engaging for millennials and generation X users together posed a great challenge. Also, following usability standards was imperative for us in this case.



ReBIT is a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India and serves as an interface between citizens and government, wherein they provide awareness, assistance and alerts on matters related to finance, cybersecurity and related issues. Many retired RBI officials and experienced people are a pivotal part of ReBIT, trying to make citizens cyber-resilient.



RebIT approached us to provide them with a strong cutting edge identity; being a cybersecurity wing they had to prove that they were digitally inclined and proactive in adopting new technologies. The story had to incorporate the reason and passion for their existence, hence, we began by conducting user research to identify the main target audience. The insights helped us lock down the two sets of broad personas; one, who would share their learnings and second, one who will absorb the information.

We were required to map an experience that engaged both sets of users equally. We used questionnaires to understand the demographics, tech savviness level, interested topics and mediums from our target audience.

Most of the respondents preferred text and infographics to consume or share the information. Also, white papers, expert opinions and blogs were voted the popular ways of consuming knowledge.

The main pages of the site are ‘About Us’, ‘Blogs’, ‘Webinar’ and ‘Career’. They aim to showcase REBIT’s journey, life at the office and provide easy access to content.  A special section for past and future events was created to ease event tracking.



Keeping our target audience and vision of REBIT in mind, we had to ensure that the designs were modern yet minimal; this was done to ensure that brand was recognised for its seriousness & professionalism and at the same time allowed older generation to engage easily.

Being a content driven platform with the more textual weight it was important to provide ample breathing space and use minimal interaction. Roboto condensed was used for the  headings and Lato for the paragraphs because they are lightweight and render well across platforms even with low internet speed.

Green and Blue are the primary colours and have been derived from the logo for continuous brand reinforcement. For a personalised and modern look, we created customised illustrations and patterns which also help break the monotony of white space. 


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