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Trade Academy’s objective is to educate and inspire millions of users online towards informed and self-empowered decisions. Trade Academy runs one of the fastest growing brokerage houses at RKSV in India. An in-depth understanding of every detail was essential to highlight their approach of learning about stocks.



User involvement is essential in any online learning system without which it would, undoubtedly, fail. The idea was to visualize it as a tool rather than as a website. We wanted to shape it as a virtual learning environment with high user interaction for better understanding and ownership of course & its structure. Another, important factor was ‘Tracking User Involvement’ to monitor the drop off rate of learners. And to create this gravity that urges users to progress and stick with the specific course, we brought in the element of evaluation at every interval of each course, to assess learning capability and interest level of every apprentice. 



The logo was designed as a ‘symbolic representation of a ladder that is associated with the steady learning curve’. The primary brand colors were chosen to reflect the RKSV brand. To keep the concentration and discard every possibility of user distraction, we stressed on Course Highlights, Free Trial, Register and Sign Up buttons. Also, Text had to be meaningful, short and strategically placed to catch reader eye. Whole lots of interactions were carefully crafted, to keep the courses accessible and within reach at all times.

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