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UpGrad is an online higher education platform providing opportunities to advance ones professional journey through rigorous online programs in collaboration with world class faculty and industry experts. The whole concept was to design a platform that would empower the working professionals in up-scaling or learning new skills. We had to design the Marketing website and LMS (learning Management System) for the same.



The concept was new to Indian markets as it involved leaders and industry experts of India but had a fierce competition globally. We took time in our competitive and user research to discover what was the added value that UpGrad would offer to its users. The insights drew our attention to the current pain points of industry experts and help us gauge interest of end users. It was interesting to discover that at all other platforms, mentors found it discomforting to not be able to understand if students were active at the other end. And, hence we made the LMS extremely interactive. Teachers were provided with options of sharing questions/ quiz/ multiple choices in between the session and assess the individuals’ performance and attentiveness. Also, we provided the mentors with an extremely easy to use dashboard which allows them to plan, schedule, rate the students and sessions with a great ease. Marketing Website is a clean site that is informative and engaging; it presents the courses, its complete details and very well presents the transparent picture to interested professionals.



Keeping in sync with the logo of the client, we designed the whole website empowering the current brand identity. Blue and orange represents blends vibrancy and social element with ease. We chose separate colors for each module to provide subtle distinguishable feature and have categorized all the information of a course under various tabs to present data to users easily. Icons and easy to read fonts on website eliminates the distractions and encourages concentration.


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