A mobile first cross trading platform for multiple investment opportunities

A fast, reliable & easy-to-use trading platform for one of the fastest growing Fintech startups in India. We designed a website that is perceived as trustable for it's low fee paperless account opening.

Upstox India Branding, UX & UI design for web & mobile app

UpStox is the trading platform offered by RKSV, headquartered in Mumbai, India. It aims to encourage investors by enabling people to buy and sell stocks at 0% brokerage. It makes it extremely easy for users to place orders through mobile, tablets as well as web browser. The product has grown extremely big and successful and RKSV this time wants to merge the RKSV and UpStox into one platform, making it a Parent brand itself.


There were various challenges to overcome. First, was to personify the UpStox as a parent brand collating all the information across different websites and properly categorizing the products, tools, services and benefits. Along with that , we had to ensure that there was a stark differentiation between both the products; UpStox (designed for common man) and UpStox Pro (designed for expert traders) yet embody the common theme. Another factor that was of utmost importance was, driving the ‘Trust Factor’ of users by presenting transparency and growth. Data of the stock platform is of extreme importance and we had to strategize interactions to direct the users attention towards content. Also, we had to ensure that website was extremely communicative and pitched its USP of ‘Zero Fee’ with absolute clarity and while doing this we were extremely careful that it was nothing like its competitors.


Designs have been brilliantly worked around embodying stark opposites into one website. On one hand it reflects its premium nature and on the other, exemplifies simplicity and is
inviting for a common man looking to invest in stocks
. We have used lot of white spaces to ensure content stands out distinctly. We also have made use of custom illustrations and provided a balance to readers. Designs are extremely responsive and offer various interesting interactions to users to hook them to site.

No matter who we work with at Lollypop, the quality has always been great.

Shrini Vishwanath

Co-founder, Upstox