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Us All is a knowledge worker and distribution platform that enables organizations to encourage their communities (employees, customers, stakeholders, or citizens) generate cognitive capital that benefits the organizations while strengthening creative, social, and financial capital for communities. They aim to lead an equitable money dynamics through societies and in a long run be the strategic partner to traditional UBI (Universal Basic Income) models to enable information, ideas and monetary exchange.

They believe that everyone can become a knowledge worker, People gave up creativity in pursuit of the mundane productivity – leading to low-value employment, setting the tone for widespread automation. The very quality creative thinking that sets us, humans, apart is being chipped away and they envision to pull the chords of creativity and make the human journey enjoyable and monetize this excess capacity at the same time.

In this phase, we understood everything about the concept, the process and vision of UsAll along with the stakeholder’s requirement. We also gathered a lot of user’s data and how they use and apply technology.  



This stage began with mapping personas and user journeys. We had to design a cohesive portal that catered to even the least tech savvy person. Second, important feature was enabling users in contributing their ideas/ thoughts through different mediums be it a picture, a file, a sketch or a pdf. The whole process had to be streamlined and simplified for the seamless experience.



The design journey of the website and app began with crafting identity for UsAll. We zeroed on to two colors – yellow and blue to help audience relate very closely with the vision of UsAll. Yellow represents energy and happiness whereas blue is a global color that everyone can relate to.  Logo symbolizes the companies vision by bringing in two elements, sun and the wave. Wherein, sun is the energy that is hidden within inside each of us and has power to touch lives of everyone in the vicinity positively and wave represents the global impact it has and the change agent it can be.

Website and app designs have lot of custom illustrations and icons which empathizes and brings life to concept. The card style layout breaks own the information in easy to grasp format by helping users have a focused attention. The journey and the process of the app has been hand drawn to convey that the whole idea is about the people and to keep creative element alive within each of us.






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