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Villas On Rent (VOR) is a one of a kind platform that gives an opportunity for property managers to deal with customers directly without any fee or commissions. Basically, portal eliminates the need for middlemen and helps property managers/ owners earn an income without paying any kind of commission. This transparent execution aims to provide a delightful experience to villa owners and property managers. 



The portal aims to serve the needs of two sets of audiences, one being the owner/ manager of the property and second being the traveler, who is at the look out for the place to stay for a certain period. The portal aimed to eliminate the need of the middlemen and make it simple for the users; hence, we began with our research with end users to know their actual pain points and how to solve their problems.

We discovered that few factors played a crucial role. The owners wished for an easy to use dashboard with real-time notifications along with easy to chat facility. And on the other hand travelers wanted to see the property and read its reviews. Also, to drive the trust factor, proper authentication is done at the backend of VOR.



We worked on tweaking the logo and upgrading it to the current trends. The colors are derived from the logo itself and has been used as brand reinforcement drivers throughout the website. To separate the website from the rest we have used WebGL animations for the interactions.

Low poly illustrations have been used in the website to align the subconscious of the users with the forms and shapes. To further drive the understanding and the trust factor of the users, we have custom animated the video that takes users through three simple steps of registration and how they become extremely powerful with the usage of this app.




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