Video Classifieds in India









Viuby is a classifieds with video, an app for android and iOS. People can buy and sell stuff on Viuby. Certain Viuby certified products also have an online shopping option. Our clients were extremely clear about what they wanted and the scope was very well defined. This helped us take more informed decisions together as we involved the client right from the beginning.



We started the project with an extremely insightful kickoff meeting where we all exchanged ideas, understood the product and drafted a direction to the solution we were to build. This clearly defined the scope and expectations. Our client also gave us a lot of insight on the market, the audience and their behavioral trends. This helped us understand what the mindsets and attitudes of our potential users could be. This, in turn, helped us visualize personas, which gave us clarity on who we are designing for. This continued to drafting user architecture, preparing wireframes and ultimately testing prototypes.



Our primary aim with visual design was to make the application feel instantly familiar, yet distinctly unique with a character of its own. The idea was to give the app to have a refreshing, cool and homely feel to it. Hence the colors used were shades of blue and green. Our takeaway from Viuby was a much broader understanding of the possibilities and limitations of using videos on mobile platforms. Our challenge was to keep in mind the guidelines of mobile platform design and still create a product that will have the potential to disrupt the classified market - along with a supreme user experience.

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