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Self-driven car rental business





Voler is a personal urban mobility provider in the country. In French it means “To Fly” and the founders aimed to make travelling extremely accessible by diversifying into the domain of self-rental car services. They came to us with a clear problem, target audience and segmentation.



On-demand self-drive car rental market was booming up, we could see few competitors already in place for Voler. So, we decided on chalking out the USP’s of the Voler and went deep into research to find out what could be offered differently to make it a unique yet the most satisfying experience. Voler team had aided us with insights on the “Chauffeur Service” that enabled a doorstep delivery of cars and need for automation across devices. Besides that it was clear that users required a more transparent system that assured them of all the contingencies of hiring a car along with a need to share their wow moments. Although, the most challenging bit for us was to provide a seamless automation of the verification process of the clients; this was critical for both; client as well as users. We helped in designing an automated and concise flow which was easy and quick. The flow, process and information was clearly showcased for seamless experience.



We adhered to the brand guidelines of Voler and worked more towards providing clear and self-explanatory icons with clear panels and classifications. Designs were more focused on providing a lively and simple navigation that interlinked the flow; the aim was to simplify the movement to the extent that user don’t have to think at any stage.  

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