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Vymo is a complete Workflow Management Solution software primarily aimed at sales teams to keep track of their leads and better manage them. We had a lot of sessions and workshops with our client to understand how the product worked and what was the market need it was addressing. Since they had a very strongly developed product core and technical team, we had all the creative freedom to experiment with the interface - parallelly keeping track of feasibilities, all without compromising with a usable interface.  



The primary requirement was branding, followed by website design. Our first milestone was to shape the product’s brand, which would define its character and showcase its value propositions to the market.We spent a lot of time on sketching and ideation to finally came up with the new brand. Once we did that, we had a solid direction to start the website as it carried forward the values and character what the branding stood for. Our biggest challenge was when we had to work on the product as we had to understand a lot of things like sales workflows, processes and implications. This helped us understand what was the information necessary to show and how to do it.



The primary colour tones we chose for the Vymo brand was Bright Red and Dark Grey, as it represented the dynamism and highly sophisticated product they had developed. We carried these accents across the website with a clean and minimal look which communicated the right message across to our audience - a highly sophisticated and functional product with an neat, intuitive and clutter free interface.

Ours is a little bit of a complex product because it has many dimensions to it ... they were able to tie everything together.

Yamini Bhat Co-founder & CEO, Vymo
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