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White Projects approached us with clear concepts. They aimed to be pioneers of plotted development known for transparency, trust, discipline and innovation. The targeted client base was elite class and wanted us to design an experience that communicated there values and high end feeling with ease.



We worked closely with Rahul and team to understand the business model. We knew it for a fact that the website should be a reflection of their wok and had to be different from usual. The insights from user research stated clearly that the feel had to be inviting and not selling. So, the whole website was made informative and structured in the simplest possible way. We adopted a reverse approach that required interested users to request a call from the company to maintain high end feel. Alongside we created a strong “About Us” section to build on the trust factor accompanied with Testimonials. Lot of focus was given on the ‘Project Page’ ensuring all the important information required by users was present and we structured information using lot of visuals and icons to make it more engaging and light.



We began with defining the brand identity and obvious choice was Royal Blue and White for us. Royal blue has been associated with elegance, sophistication and loyalty and when combined with White gives a feeling of completeness. The logo stands out yet does not overpower the users. We did custom photography of real projects, office and people to build on to the trust factor and whole website is extremely minimalistic, clean aided with lot of visuals to give the high end feeling to the users.

When it comes to the logo, I think they did a phenomenal job. Even today we receive a lot of compliments from clients and partners. The job that they did on the website was amazing; the website creates that high-end feel which associates completely with our brand and image.

Rahul Joseph Director, White Projects
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