We touch people’s lives by designing meaningful digital experiences.

We are an award winning UX UI Design Agency in USA. We provide design services to tech companies globally.

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From Fortune 500 to Start-ups, we have worked with every brilliant idea across the US
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DNA Paris Design Winner

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DNA Paris Design Winner

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Interface Design Award

Red Dot Award, Europe - 2019
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Gold And Iron Awards

Our services

We help you accelerate your digital transformation through design that creates measurable value to your users & business.


  • Generative User Research
  • Expert Reviews & Heuristic Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Emerging Trends & Behaviour
  • Ethnographic Research


  • Product & Digital Innovation
  • UX UI Design
  • Design Audit
  • Digital Branding
  • Prototyping


  • Front End Development
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Custom Application
  • SAAS Implementation
Disrupting the functioning of the healthcare industry.

Through our work with Mission Bio, we were able to impact and improve the functioning of the healthcare industry across the U.S.

Mission bio
Quote Before Lollypop, we worked with many design studios in past, and I can't remember one that was so hands-on about working with our clients.
We craft websites that bring in results and help scale the business.

Be it website of an enterprise software, we understand the industry from the inside-out to drive customer value creation and truly solve for the needs of users.

  • Marketing websites
  • E Commerece Websites
  • B2C Portals
  • Social networking platforms
Our mobile applications provide seamless and efficient user experiences.

We're experts at leveraging the design process and crafting seamless experiences for all devices, be it mobile, tablet or web.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Connected Devices (IoT)
  • Dashboard Designs
When in doubt, always ask

As a UX UI Design Studio, Lollypop focuses on designing Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Enterprise solutions and emerging technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, Wearables & Blockchain. We design and build experiences that are key to making successful digital products. Our services include UX Research, UX & UI Design, Design Audit, Usability Testing and Application development.

As a global UX UI Design Agency, Lollypop can be the ultimate strategic partner in the journey of building path-breaking products. Partnering with us will unlock the staggering potential of your product. Lollypop’s frugal yet robust .Our services include

a. User Research
This process includes everything right from studying competitors, the market and your target audience, to the latest trends in design for your niche and domain. User Research is the most critical but often overlooked stage of product development. Researchers at Lollypop perform the most comprehensive User Research to come up with the strategy and plan to ensure the maximum possibility of your product's success.

b. UI/UX Design
Conducting User Research and translating it into tangible and usable products is a challenge, and this is an area where Lollypop can add a ton of value. The designers at Lollypop present Wireframes, Prototypes and High Fidelity UIs that are seamless, relevant, logical and a delight for the users.

c. Usability Testing
Usability Testing helps you identify usability issues. Through this technique, the designers can validate and reject the assumptions on which the product was/will be built. Designers at Lollypop test product at various stages of design and development with actual users, to ensure optimum usability of the product.

d. Design Audit
Design Audits are preventive checkups performed by UI/UX experts on a website/app to identify deficiencies vis-a-vis the ideal experience of the website/app. Our experts thoroughly examine all elements of the website app based on business objectives, metrics, and usability standards. They then list down the areas of improvement and recommend solutions to improve the overall experience.

e. Development
When a great design meets sleek programming, the product already is a hit. We at Lollypop develop the designs as-is into usable Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Enterprise Software Solutions.

Good things take hustle. Great things take time. Well, this is as valid in design as it is everywhere else. The timelines get defined entirely based on the scope of the project, business goals, and priorities of key stakeholders involved. The designs can be done in a single stretch or in phases. Typically, to design a basic e-Commerce web application takes 2 weeks. Our dedicated Account Managers will ensure the timely delivery of your project.

At Lollypop, you will get a dedicated Account Manager, who will be the single point of contact throughout the project. They will lead and manage the project till the completion, ensuring regular catchups with you. The process-driven approach allows you to suggest design changes which get registered and worked upon within the defined timelines.

The team at Lollypop responded robustly to the current COVID situation and transitioned to 100% remote work culture in almost no time. On top of that, our experience of working with international clients in the last 8 years has inspired us to include collaboration tools and process as part of our core services. Communication and collaboration is a breeze with the help of tools such as Trello, Slack, Sketch, Adobe XD, Zeplin, Invision, etc allowing remote work to be delivered as efficiently as working on-site.

The project commercials are directly related to the scope of the project, timelines, deliverables and the team composition. Our ROI driven approach ensures global design standards at reasonable pricing. The engagement models are primarily time & material and fixed pricing, depending on how concretely the scope of the project has been defined.

There is barely any industry or domain left that Lollypop has not designed for. We have delivered digital experiences for 40+ industries and domains, right from IT Services, Healthcare, Edutech, Fintechs & Banks to Sportstech, E-commerce, OTT, Supply Chain, Telecoms and Real Estate. Our designs have touched more than a billion lives through some most widely used apps.

From Startups to Industry Titans, we have worked with them all. Our wide range of portfolios includes brands that are century-old to those that are awaiting a grand launch.

We touch and influence more than a billion lives with our design.

We are creative rebels with principles. A tightly knit, experienced team of researchers, designers and developers who enjoy crafting great solutions.

We enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by delivering outstanding designs for mobile apps, websites and enterprise solutions.

  • 150+ Designers
  • 250+ Projects Completed
  • 8 Years Old
  • 6+ Locations
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